3D Digitalization

being able to virtually open the doors of your hotel to your guests and let them check its virtual reality before they visit it, being able to virtually invite your partners and clients inside your company, store, factory, presenting them their capacities, giving them a possibility to explore the interior and let them navigate from one room to the other, being able to virtually place the tourists at the tourist site or in a city and let them interactively view a multimedia content, let them learn the some interesting facts, plan the trip etc.

That is what interactive virtual panoramas and tours are all about.
being able to see on your PC a small or medium object which is a digital representation of its physical counterpart, being able to measure all of its dimensions, such as length, width, height, volume, feature size, feature location, surface area, etc., being able to preserve it and replicate it, using it in various digital applications etc. 

That is what 3D object reconstruction and reverse engineering are all about.

SyNRG Software offer a wide range of interactive virtual tours incorporating a rich variety of features in order to produce a personalized, high quality presentation that works specifically for your business. From a single panorama for print through to a comprehensive virtual tour micro-site, our individual approach will ensure all your requirements are met.

Our services include:

High quality: Highly skilled professionals with enormous experience in the field and professional equipment and methodological approach

Standalone 360° virtual panorama: this service can be an excellent possibility for virtual photorealistic emersion in an environment with a small number of spots, which are geographically unrelated.

Virtual tour sites: this service gives you the possibility to analyze the environment from various viewpoints by linking several panoramas one to another.

Personalized interface: interfaces that incorporate a variety of multimedia ingredients such as: integrated mapping, sountracks, a voiceover, video, images, webcam or hotspots that highlight particular points of interest, integrations with Google Maps.

Panoramic photography for print: Panoramic photography for all your printed materials - brochures, magazines, guides, annual reports etc.

Our services are great for a lot of things:

  • Improve your marketing and sales/rental of property;
  • Increase your Hotel bookings;
  • Help you make that sale if you are a Real Estate Agent;
  • Capture special events in 360° view;
  • Showcase your retail stores and products.
  • Showcase your business facilities.

To see what we can do for your business:

Alternatively, call us to arrange a meeting. We are passionate about our work and will be happy to advice on how best to meet your specific requirements.

If you don't have the time, or require a customized solution, let us create interactive 3D models of your real world objects. We offer a full service, including photography of objects.
  • Professional quality textured 3D models - Using our in-house expertise and tools, we will hand-optimize the model geometry and textures to ensure the best possible quality is achieved.
  • Optimized for fast download - We can optimize the models without compromising quality to reduce download times for faster access. We can also stream the models allowing the user to see something without having to wait for everything to download.
  • Programmable 3D hotspots - can be added that control the content of the web page when the user clicks on them, for example displaying text or images associated with each part of the object.
  • Viewer - We can customize the viewer so the model can move on its own and engaging multi-media animated presentations can be displayed automatically. No plugin is required!
  • Web authoring - we can design a 3D microsite around your existing pages using our expertise in dynamic HTML, JavaScript and Java technologies.
Please contact us for further details of the process and prices or with your specific problems and we will be happy to offer advice or help.


  • [15 April 2013]
  • SyNRG Software & IT Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with the Education and Novel Technology Research Association.


  • [10-14 March 2013]
  • Medical software products were presented at the world's leading dental trade fair - International Dental Show (IDS), Cologne, Germany.

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