Advanced medical imaging

Digital technologies are rapidly becoming popular in the medical field.

In particular, in the Medical Digital Imaging field the introduction of the digital technologies has caused and is causing deep transformations in the way the hospital departments' workflow is handled and in the diagnostic means provided to specialized physicians.
Digital technologies have actually eliminated the need for the radiographic film for the acquisition, display, distribution and archival of medica images. Today, these images are often digital from the source, and modern PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) allow physician or specialized technicians connected to the network to view and analyze them in every moment. The digital approach leads to a higher effieciency in terms of time, money and storage space.

The introduction of the DICOM standard (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) in the middle of the Nineties has given a strong impulse to the spreading of digital technologies in the Medical Imaging. The primary target of the DICOM standard is to define a common, open and vendor-independent platform to transmit and store medical images and related data.
Today, thanks to the DICOM standard, it is possible to setup a hospital ward with modalities of different vendors, connected to the same network; they will be able to communicate and to transfer acquired images to a central digital archive (PACS). Physicians may perform their diagnosis directly on-screen, through high resolution monitors displaying medical images. It is also possible to send the medical images to another hospital, through the Internet (with some security precautions), in order to obtain a "second opinion" about complex cases.

SyNRG has a great experience in designing, developing and integrating DICOM-compliant software solutions.

SyNRG Software and IT Solutions designs and develops customized software solutions for the Business field, both commercial and corporate.

The high-level skills owned by our company allows building complex and scalable applications, based on the most advanced Internet technologies and able to provide a multi-channel access to the user (personal computer, cellular phone, PDA...).

Through the most advanced development technologies SyNRG Software and IT Solutions creates high quality software products. A functional and simple user interface simplifies the usage of these applications and allows also the least expert user to take advantage of them.

SyNRG Software and IT Solutions provides various DICOM enabling solutions to medical OEMs, solutions integrations and end users. We offer DICOM solutions based on own DICOM toolkit or toolkits of your choice. We have extensive experience in enabling DICOM connectivity to various imaging modalities and information systems.

For End-Users:

We offer non-DICOM to DICOM conversion solutions through our DICOM software libraries. It can convert any picture/video/report data into DICOM.

For Medical OEMs:

We can make your non-DICOM modality into a complete DICOM modality.

For Solutions Integrators:

We offer various DICOM integration solutions for modalities and information systems. We can provide conversions and data exchange solutions to inter-connect different modalities/information systems.

Volume rendering

SyNRG Software and IT Solutions provides you with a palette of Volume Rendering tools. We have developed tools for interactive rotation, panning and zooming, maximum intensity projection, volume clipping, interactive multiple color rendering, opacity preset, shaded and textured volume rendering.

Surface rendering

SyNRG Software and IT Solutions provides you also with advanced surface rendering tools.

Planar Reformation

With our reformation tools you can view tissue in any direction, choosing from the standard axial plane, sagittal and coronal plane, or rotating the image manually. Our tools support oblique planar reformation as well.

Virtual colonoscopy / endoscopy

Our virtual colonoscopy / endoscopy tools allows you to navigate through a patient's anatomy, simulating the endoscopic procedure. Interactive endoscopy navigation consists of a 3D window and Axial, Sagittal, Coronal 2D windows which are always synchronized thus showing the current position of the virtual camera from different perspectives.
The automatic segmentation and automatic centerline extraction make the evaluating process of the colon much faster and more automated.

With our experience and domain knowledge we quickly develop or use our existing medical imaging framework library to come up with required filtering solutions. General image handling:

  • 8 to 16 bit indexed monochrome image handling
  • 24 true color image handling
  • Image gamma corrections
  • Window width/level
  • LUT processing
  • Min/max and average detection
  • Inversion

We have developed filters as plug-ins, these plug-ins can be cascaded to achieve various filtering effects. Depending on the image quality requirements one or more filters can be combined to achieve the required image quality. We have experienced in developing optimized algorithms for real-time image processing as well.

Some of the filter work done by us for various medical imaging application include:

  • Averaging filters – for noise reduction
  • Edge detection filters – detecting the edge of organs and for accurate measurement of organs
  • Median filters – noise reduction
  • Histogram processing – image gray level distribution
  • Smooth and ant aliasing filters – Improve the smoothness of the images
  • Color balancing filters – distribution of RGB values of the color image
  • Digital subtraction filters – combines several filers to achieve real-time DSA.

Moreover, SyNRG Software and IT Solutions have developed a medical image segmentation library which includes the following algorithms and their modifications:

  • Thresholding
  • Region Growing
  • Manual VOI and ROI edit
  • 3D active contours
  • Statistical shape models


  • [15 April 2013]
  • SyNRG Software & IT Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with the Education and Novel Technology Research Association.


  • [10-14 March 2013]
  • Medical software products were presented at the world's leading dental trade fair - International Dental Show (IDS), Cologne, Germany.

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