AnatomyNavigator is software designed to allow the surgeons to have a preliminary view of the situation of the patient before surgery.

The software is based on the acquisition of the CT images and provides a photo-realistic vision of the smallest anatomical details and, using specific filters based on tissue density according to the Hounsfield scale, allows for differentiation and tissue pathology extremely refined.

Anatomy Navigator is being tested in the departments of internal surgery and cardiac surgery to some prestigious Italian clinics.

AnatomyNavigator offers features including:

  • Import and export of DICOM images,
  • Saving outlines and contours in DICOM or BMP format,
  • Semi-automated segmentation,
  • Volume segmentation, visualization, and measurement,
  • Edge Enhancement (contour enhancement by user controlled edge snapping)
  • Standard functions for image visualization (adjusting contrast & brightness, zoom, and panning)
  • Advanced functions for contour editing for manual segmentation (drawing, outlining, inflating, deflating, shifting, cutting and adding to images), and
  • User access to modify the segmentation results at any time.

The clinician retains the ultimate responsibility for making the diagnosis and patient management decisions based on the standard practices and visual comparison to individual images.

Hardware Requirements: The AnatomyNavigator software shall operate on a PC having:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (Core 2 Duo E6600 / Athlon 64 X2 3800+)
  • RAM: >1 GB, preferably 4 Gb
  • Available disk space: ≥10 Gb
  • Display resolution: 1024x768
  • Graphics card: NVidia GeForce 7800GT, 256 Mb of dedicated memory (preferably 8800GT with 1 Gb of dedicated memory)

The AnatomyNavigator software shall operate on a PC with .NET Framework 2.0a, DirectX 9.0c (July 2006), and Adobe® Acrobat Reader both of which are included with the AnatomyNavigator software.

Operating systems for AnatomyNavigator software are:

  • The AnatomyNavigator software shall operate as a desktop application on a PC running the Operating System Windows XP, or later.

Only basic knowledge in working with Microsoft Windows software, and reading the directions for use manual for the software are required for the clinicians.

Other Software needed: The AnatomyNavigator software shall operate on a PC with .NET Framework 2.0a, DirectX 9.0c (July 2006), and Adobe® Acrobat Reader. Both items are included with the AnatomyNavigator software disc. No other “off the shelf” software is included or needed for AnatomyNavigator software.


  • [15 April 2013]
  • SyNRG Software & IT Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with the Education and Novel Technology Research Association.


  • [10-14 March 2013]
  • Medical software products were presented at the world's leading dental trade fair - International Dental Show (IDS), Cologne, Germany.

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